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Obama And Liberal News Agencies Side With Elector Death Threats

If you watch any other cable news except Fox and if you read any liberal newspapers, you wouldn’t know of the criminal activities of leftists and the death threats they are making against the Electoral College members who will cast their votes for the presidency today. The electors who have sworn to vote for Donald Trump have received death threats and assault promises from the liberals who lost the 2016 election, obviously all of whom are Democrats.

And of course, at the top of the liberal trash heap, the Obama administration is also pretending that the liberal, anti-American criminal behavior is not occurring, just like the Obama Department of Justice dropped charges against the Black Panther criminals who blocked a Pennsylvania polling place during the 2008 general election and threatened white voters with clubs if they tried to vote.

Democrats in general have become a lawless bunch of criminals who disobey the American constitution and our way of life.

Liberals are committing voter fraud by insisting that a legal voter cast a vote against his/her conviction, and some of the wealthy Hillary supporters are offering to pay Trump Electors if they vote for Hillary, a clear example of voter fraud. How can a free people remain free when our government ignores obvious threats to our election process and will not punish those who threaten violence and fraud in order to win elections?

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In the final presidential debate between Hillary and Trump, Hillary swore that she would patriotically abide by the vote cast by Americans on November eighth, but now she and her followers are the ones demanding that the Electoral College vote against the American people. In order to keep any credibility at all, Hillary must immediately tell her criminal supporters to cease and desist in their illegal actions, and she should inform Obama that his Justice Department must stop this deplorable set of actors, who obviously intend to undermine the American electoral process, and put this mob of crooks in jail.

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  1. The Obama Administration is the child of C.A.I.R …..whose stated mission is to disrupt and dismantle the U.S. Government in order for Muslim domination.