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Utah Poll: Trump up 6, McMullin sinks to third behind Hillary

A new Monmouth University poll of Utah’s likely voters has doused Evan Mcmullin’s dreams of capturing his home state and possibly turning the 2016 election upside-down.

Donald Trump came out on top with 37% of respondents favoring the billionaire. Hillary Clinton followed in second with just 31% and former CIA operative McMullin trailed far behind with just 24% of those polled selecting him.

McMullin had shot to the lead in an early October Emerson poll where he saw his highest poll ratings with 31% of those polled favoring him.

Now, as republican voters “come home”, as pundits call it, it appears that McMullin’s dream of upsetting the 2016 election are all but gone just 6 days ahead of the election.

Despite the FBI re-opening the email investigation into Clinton, Hillary saw her support increase from the last poll which had her at 24%.

News reports of a “likely” criminal indictment in the Clinton Foundation investigation came out after this poll.

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  1. This stupid attempt by the “spoiler” McMullin is really stupid! Is this guy a nut-job? Go home and take RINO Romney with you! Trump-Pence on the 8th!

  2. If McMullin has 24% and Hillary has 31% then they have more than trump because McMullin has come out and finally admitted that he only ran to prevent Trump from winning and that he will Vote for Hillary.