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Trump Campaign Goes on Offense, Expands TV Footprint into Michigan and New Mexico

NEW YORK, NY – Today the Donald J. Trump for President campaign added Michigan and New Mexico to its aggressive battleground state media buy in an open acknowledgment that the campaign is surging in traditionally blue states as well as traditional battleground states. This expansion occurs as Florida and Ohio are decisively turning towards Mr. Trump, and the campaign is seeing strong growth in North Carolina as well.

The Trump campaign’s ad placement strategy is being backed by a $25 million buy for the final seven days of the campaign in the following states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia, Nevada and New Hampshire. In recent days the Clinton campaign has shown their nervousness about key battleground states as well, restarting ad buys in Wisconsin and Colorado in an effort to blunt Mr. Trump’s surge.

“The data clearly shows that Mr. Trump’s message is reaching voters and we are expanding the map.This addition to our already aggressive paid media outreach illustrates Mr. Trump’s commitment to reaching out to all voters in must-win states before Election Day. While Mr. Trump continues to climb in the polls and accelerate outreach in states like Michigan and New Mexico that are rarely won by Republican Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton is preoccupied fighting the sitting FBI Director and President Obama over yet another email scandal. By increasing our presence in battleground states and expanding into new markets, Mr. Trump is well-positioned for an impressive victory on Nov. 8th.” –Brad Parscale, Digital Director

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