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CNN’s hosts and panelists are robots .. or something

The same network that leaked questions to Hillary Clinton and is representative of a media ecosystem that allowed Hillary’s team to edit articles before publication gets taken to task by … SNL? Oh… why not.

“Saturday Night Live” parodied CNN’s coverage of Donald Trump by portraying anchor Anderson Cooper and his political panelists as robots. While not likely true, it makes for comedy at the expense of one of the most biased large news organizations on the planet. We’re sorry Huffington Post and Daily KOS, while both of you are extremely biased, no one sees you as news organizations.

The schtick is solid and an interesting take. It is tough to tell if the skit is trying to portray the institutionalized bias at CNN and other similar organizations or if the ┬ámessage is that panelists are all unthinking robots. Either way, good fun and actually, we’re pretty sure that Van Jones .. is a robot.

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