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NTSB Provides Update on Hoboken Train Crash Investigation

The National Transportation Safety Board released a statement Saturday relaying the status of the ongoing investigation into the train crash that happened Thursday morning in Hoboken, New Jersey.

NTSB Investigators have interviewed Thomas Gallagher, the engineer that operated train 1416 prior to and during the crash, but will not be releasing any summaries of the interviews until they are all completed.

While the event recorder from the trailing locomotive has been retrieved, investigators are still unable to gain access to the front of the train which has prohibited them from obtaining the forward locomotive’s camera and event data.

The rear event recorder is now at the recorder’s manufacturer as there was an issue downloading the data. NTSB officials are overseeing the manufacturer’s efforts to retrieve information from the recorder.

After a walking inspection, officials have found nothing wrong with the track or signals that might have contributed to the crash that killed one person and injured 114.

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  1. how does 150 tons of steel go airborne if the train wasn’t going substantially faster than the speed limit?