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The Democrats’ Racist, Sexist America

Isn’t it amazing that the woman who is the current Democrat candidate for president, and the black man who is the current sitting president, achieved their elevated positions in the sexist, racist nation that they claim America to be? Does that make any sense?

How is it that women and blacks have achieved elevated power positions in a nation that hates women and blacks? But that’s what liberals say about America, and it proves that the imagined sexism, and the pretend racism don’t exist. But in spite of evidence looking them right in the face, the fool Democrat/progressives just keep playing the same old lying, negative tune. The very fact that women and blacks hold positions of power in government, and in private life become wealthy beyond the dreams of most working people, prove that Americans are not prejudiced people.

The liberal Democrat candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, has the gall to declare that Republicans are conducting a War on Women, when Hillary herself led the vicious attack campaign, at the time called the Bimbo Eruption, to silence and destroy any woman that Bill Clinton had had an affair with, or who dared to accuse him of raping them, in order to keep them from speaking out and disrupting his presidential campaign in the 1990s.

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And it’s only a liberal Democrat who, as the black sitting president, could declare that America holds racist tendencies while he has allowed the wholesale shootings and gang-murders of young black men in Chicago and Baltimore and did nothing to stop the carnage these last seven years and while overseeing a failing economy that has destroyed jobs for those same young black men.

Are Democrats intentionally fools, or can they just not help themselves?

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