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Obama’s “New Normals” Are Mounting, And The Future Is Bleak

One prominent “Normal” aspect of American life has been liberty followed closely by economic prosperity. Under the leadership of Barack Obama both of these assumed “normals”, which attracted people to America from all over the world, have been replaced by a series of lesser “new normals” that don’t bode well for the future of our nation nor for our children’s continued prosperity and liberty. The short list of negative “new normals” is:

Non-ending terrorism.

A high jobless rate.

Decreased income levels for middle class workers.

An unpayable national debt.

Continued racial divide.

Distrust of police officers.

Continuous foreign wars.

Urban riots, burning, killing and property destruction.

Un-checked illegal immigration.

Constant flow of unvetted Middle East “refugees”.

Unaffordable healthcare.

Unending poverty, especially in America’s urban centers.

Terrorist nations getting nuclear weapons from Obama’s Iran nuke deal.

If one is to believe their own eyes and ears, Obama’s words and actions have specifically and intentionally caused each of these horrors to develop, and he’s done his best to make certain that each one only gets more concentrated, imbedded and permanent in American life.

Hillary Clinton was part and parcel of this destruction of America and must be defeated in the next election.

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