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Hoboken Train Wreck: Updates from NTSB and conductor status

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AT 8:45am Thursday, train 1416 left the tracks at high speed, hit a barrier, went airborne then crashed through the Hoboken, NJ terminal killing one person and injuring 108 others.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) held a press conference Thursday evening releasing more information on the deadly train wreck in New Jersey.

We’ve learned that the engineer of train 1416 has no past infractions, criminal history or medical episodes and that he was released from the hospital today after having been reported in critical condition.

The NTSB reported that the speed limit near the station is 10 mph, but that they do not currently know the speed of the train as it left the tracks.

The transportation safety agency is expecting to retrieve the “black box” recorder from the train some time tonight.

NBC New York is reporting that the woman that was killed on the platform by debris from the crash was Fabiola Bittar de Kroon – a 34 year old mother whose child was in daycare at the time.

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Fabiola’s husband was out-of-town on business, but is returning at this time.

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