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Gas shortages and price spikes hit NC after Colonial pipeline disruption

North Carolina residents are reporting that some gas stations are rationing gasoline while other have already run out.

Reports are surfacing of a more widespread problem emerging as stations from the western mountains to the coast are running out of fuel.

Consumers from the mountains to the coast are reporting stations running out of gas.

Lisa Barfield from Black Mountain, NC, reported all stations in the town near Asheville were out of gas.

Gino Long from Conover said the Murphy Express was out of gas.

Several individuals have reported Sheetz stations throughout NC are out of gas.

The Colonial pipeline spilled over 300,000 gallons of gasoline on September 9th and is still in the process of being repaired. Price spikes and fuel shortages are expected to continue until flow resumes.

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Governor McCrory has declared a state of emergency over the gasoline supply shortage which eases restrictions on fuel truck drivers.

Sheetz has issued a statement about the shortages at their locations:

Sheetz is currently being impacted by the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline, a primary source of gasoline for many retailers along the East coast of the United States.   TheColonial Pipeline was shut down after the discovery of the leak in the line in Alabama. The pipeline continues to be down, impacting any gas retailer who relies on that source to replenish the fuel for their gas pumps.

The primary issue is beyond our control and we do not know when this situation will be resolved.  In the meantime, our Sheetz team is working diligently to locate fuel from other sources and our stores will remain open 24/7/365 to service our customers with everything we offer inside the stores.

While it’s not quite to apocalyptic proportions yet, some are having a field day with the story on social media:

People are losing their minds over this gas "shortage" smh #gaspocolypse2016 #nc

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