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Did The NSA Or Russia Hack The DNC Server?

Why would Russia, which played a friendly role in Hillary’s ridiculous, childish reset button scheme, hack the DNC email server and expose records that at least embarrass Hillary and Democrat liberals, and not also hack the RNC server to try to undermine the campaign of Donald Trump, whose presidency would threaten relations with Russia as a president Trump worked to benefit American interests and oppose Russian militarism and expansion, unlike the Obama/Clinton administration which facilitated, or at least turned a blind eye to Russian power moves? The proof of the admiration and pleasant relations that Obama had with Russia’s Putin can be found in the recorded plea Obama made to Russian Prime Minister Medvedev asking that Putin be patient, and assuring the Russian dictator that he (Obama) would be able to be more flexible toward Putin’s plans after he (Obama) was re-elected and had safely won a second term as president and could then serve Putin’s wishes.

The recent claim that the NSA hacked the DNC server in order to undermine Hillary’s anti-American presidential campaign makes more sense because we know the American liberal press ignores any lie or devious action within Hillary’s presidential campaign, yet grinds Trump to dust for any slight mistake or misstatement he makes. And recalling that the Obama administration absolutely refused to prosecute Hillary for blatant abuses of national security and the law (and one can only imagine the other things that the DNC and Hillary have done that we know nothing about) it makes sense that someone or some group interested in American national security and honesty in governance and who wants to put a halt to the undermining of America’s election process and the destruction of our constitution by the liberals, would leak information about Hillary that will adversely impact her campaign.

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