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See Something, Say Something?

Our esteemed president, in his pretense of wanting to protect America and the citizens of this great nation, encourages us to raise the alarm and if we see something, we are encouraged to say something. So I will.

I see an administration that despises America.

I see a president who wants to “fundamentally transform America” to something unrecognizable.

I see an Attorney General who has private meetings with the husband of a women currently being investigated by the FBI.

I see Syrian “refugees” invading America with sworn terrorists in their midst.

I see a president who lied about our doctor, our plan, and saving $2500 a year with Obamacare.

I see a president who in effect has given the go-ahead for Iran to build a nuclear weapon.

I see a president who cares more about LGBT bathrooms than he does about giving our children good educations or protecting America from terrorist attacks.

I see a nation being overrun by illegal aliens who don’t want to become functioning citizens but are after short-term goodies only.

There I’ve done it. I’ve stated what I’ve seen after seven years of watching Obama operate, and what the hell good will it do with people in elected office, and this reference includes the fool Republicans in the House and Senate as well as the Oval Office, who are only concerned about their continued political careers and eventually drifting into a lucrative lobbying position, and don’t give a damn about the welfare of America and its citizens.

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So what good does it do to say something when officials will not listen? One might as well stick one’s head in the sand and remain silent because the current administration in intentionally walking us to national destruction and will not be diverted from that goal.

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About Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.


  1. Dave you just never know when you ‘say something’ who is hearing it and has influence to do something, or when it will motivate others to acting… keep it up! It’s the silence that kills

  2. You nailed it Dave.I’ve been saying similar things. I agree with every word you said.When Obama first came out and said he would transform America I said Why?What’s wrong with it? He hates America being a Kenyan born Muslim.He was brought up to hate America and I firmly belieive he’s Islam’s man for changing us to an Islamic state since the goal of Islam is world domination.