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Crooked, Grossly Negligent Hillary Is Sprung By The DOJ

If Donald Trump doesn’t start using “Grossly Negligent” in addition to his “Crooked” descriptor of Hillary, he’ll be missing a strong point to be used against her and will be passing up a ripe target that the DOJ itself has placed on her chest.

When the Department of Justice representative, in this case James Comey, the Director of the FBI, describes a presidential candidate that has undergone deep, extensive investigation as being “Grossly Negligent”, he has hung her politically in the eyes of any citizen paying attention to current events. In an age of constant and increasing terrorist attacks on America, who in their right mind would want a “Grossly Negligent” president?

Hillary as president would be the final nail in the coffin of America, and every tool must be used to block her election.

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