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Liberals Use Their Own Elitist, Dictatorial Accusations Against Each Other

Republicans, who have been repeatedly accused by Democrats of waging a War on Women, got a reprieve of sorts recently when a Hillary supporter accused Bernie Sanders of being a sexist because he will not drop out of the Democrat primary race and give the candidacy to Hillary, and they wanted this act of self-immolation from Bernie even before all of the voting was over. This habit of liberals of always accusing their political opponents of sexism, racism, of just plain hate, is now being directed to one of their own number, and it feels good to have the words directed at someone other than a Republican or a conservative for a change.

This idiotic tactic of liberal politicians calling their opponents nasty names and accusing them of one “ism” or another instead of debating the issues, is laying the groundwork for there eventually being no opposition candidate permitted if a woman, or a minority, or an LGBT or anyone except a White, Male Conservative, wants an elected position, which is itself a sexist position for liberals to cause to happen. This is an extension of the blatant racism that got Obama elected twice and has prevented the Republicans in Congress from denying him funding for his scandalous schemes to “fundamentally transform America” and has kept the cowardly Republicans from impeaching this lawless president out of fear of being called nasty names by leftists.

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The extreme, illogical positions that liberals are taking during this era of Trump demonstrates how precariously their power is perched and how fearful they are of their own downfall in the upcoming election.

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