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The Top 50 Movies of all time

Individually, each of our personal lists of what were the best movies ever might differ. This list combines ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb (user’s ratings), Metacritic, and Gracenote.

After adjusting the box office gross for inflation, PrettyFamous.com presents us with their list of the top 50 movies of all time.

As expected, classics like Dr. Strangelove, Gone With the Wind and Lawrence of Arabia dominate the top 10.

When broken out by decade movies made between 2000-2010 took the most spots in the top 50 with 9 movies making the grade. 

Scanning the list, certain directors appear multiple times. Scorcese, Jackson and Spielberg top the list with legends Hitchcock, Chaplin, and Coppola also making strong showings.

The current decade is showing strong so far and it’s only slightly more than half over.

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