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Budweiser relabels itself ‘America’ until the election

Budweiser is relabelling it’s brand centerpiece ‘America’ in a bid to pull in more sales during what will likely be a heated election season.

Using the same font and styling as the standard can, Budweiser is adorning its products with messages from American history reports Co.Design.

The alterations don’t stop with the beer’s name. Almost every bit of type on the Budweiser label has been scrubbed away by Easter Egg patriotism, with new text citing the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star Spangled Banner, and America the Beautiful—all rendered in newly developed hand lettering, inspired by Budweiser’s archives.

budweiser America cans

With the summer beer buying spike on tap (see what I did there?), Budweiser is going all-in. Now, beer drinkers can pop the top on a frosty can of ‘Murika’!

The move is marketing genius. People that might not otherwise have bought a six pack of Bud might just do it for the novelty of the new label.

If nothing else, election-watching parties everywhere would do well to have some of this in the fridge.

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  1. I like it !! Hey, promotion is part of our “capitalism”. Might even tug on a brain cell or two of those currently ‘inactive’……wonder if this will extend to Japan’s bottling plants as well?