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Tie between Bernie and Hillary in Iowa Caucus solved with .. a coin toss [video]

We couldn’t make this stuff up. DNC reps decide that a tie at a Democrat caucus precinct should be decided in the same fashion as an NFL kickoff.

Considering how tight the Iowa race was, normally you’d expect a law suit, but hey … Sanders is a socialist so half of everyone else’s stuff is just fine.

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  1. It is my understanding that the WINNER of the coin toss LOSES the delegate (Rule 28) #Bernnie LOST the coin toss, so he should WIN the delegate.

    • Best I can tell, Rule 28 states that a coin toss “decides who is to lose the delegate.” It doesn’t specify whether correctly calling the toss or incorrectly calling the toss is cause for the lost vote – just that the coin toss is the deciding factor. It’s a poorly-worded rule and a worse-designed candidate selection system – but the ruling class on both sides lack the ability to do much of anything that makes sense.

  2. Florence S. Sawyer

    To this ‘Old Bird’ this Iowan Caucus sounds like a “Lottery” to me……It’s the epitome of Ridiculous voting…..and very Negative voting…..Some of the BEST are being IGNORED !!