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Iowa Caucus live blog and results

The Iowa Caucuses are about to open and we’ll be tracking the results .. and anything else of interest.

Ted Cruz took an early lead and never looked back. He will likely be awarded 8 delegates while second and third place Donald Trump and Marco Rubio will each get 7.

Unofficially, Hillary Clinton won Iowa by .03% of the vote. Considering the “coin toss” in one precinct, things could not have been tighter. Clinton will be awarded 22 delegates and Sanders will get 21.

With 99% of GOP votes and 99% of DNC votes counted here are the results:

GOP Caucus Results:

Candidate % of vote
Jeb Bush 3.0
Ben Carson 9.0
Chris Christie 1.0
Ted Cruz 28.0
Carly Fiorina 2.0
Jim Gilmore <1.0
Mike Huckabee  2.0
John Kasich 2.0
Rand Paul 5.0
Marco Rubio 23.0
Rick Santorum 1.0
Donald Trump 24.0

Democratic Party Results:

Candidate % of vote
Hillary Clinton 49.9
Martin O’Malley 0.47
Bernie Sanders 49.6

Live Blog:


11:53p – Bernie says things are still close. He and Hillary will get the same number of delegates from Iowa.

11:30p – 

10:35p – Marco Rubio speaks after Caucuses in Iowa

10:25p – Ted Cruz wins Iowa according to Fox News. Trump #2, Rubio close #3

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10:05p – O’Malley to suspend campaign tonight at local restaurant (no mention of going home for fresh clothes)

9:27p – Carson campaign staff announce that Dr. Carson needs to fly home, ahead of the snow storm, to “get fresh clothes” … or something.

8:53p – 

8:38p – 91% of young voters are planning to caucus for Clinton while only 23% of older folks like Sanders

8:34p – Video: Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, endorses GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul while out on the campaign trail – Rand Paul 2016

8:33p – Many GOP caucus sites are running out of ballots despite having over-stocked due to expected heavy turnout

8:21p – So far the message of the night is “over-capacity” on both sides of the aisle. Heavy turnout is optimal for Trump and Sanders.

8:07p – Early impressions are that voter turnout is extremely heavy which helps Sanders and Trump

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