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Bernie Sanders releases new ad – “America” [video]

Set to the Simon and Garfunkel folk rock tune “They’ve All Come to Look for America”, Bernie Sanders’ new ad is a pure “look how many people love me” play with no substantive message at all. But hey.. if it works .. sell it!

Of course there is the fact that the song tells a story of a man who ultimately is unable to achieve the American dream .. but Bernie knows that his supporters aren’t concerned with that. Bernians (or whatever they’re called) just want the cool stuff he’s promising .. no matter how much it costs.

  • Free college – cool
  • Forgive current school debt – cool
  • Universal, single-payer, government-run healthcare – cool
  • Higher taxes on the wealthy – cool
  • Higher taxes on middle-income earners – cool
  • The fundamental transformation of America from capitalism to socialism – cool
  • What comes next – they have no idea… but – cool!

The math doesn’t work for everyone .. but hey .. if it gets you elected, just say it!

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