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Rick Perry ‘Surprisingly’ first to bow out of 2016 GOP Race

Rick Perry drops out of raceOk, not so surprisingly.

Former governor Rick Perry today announced that he was suspending his campaign to become the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

The decision came as Gov. Perry’s campaign had been running on fumes financially. Last month, Perry had converted his entire campaign staff over to volunteer status as he could no longer afford to pay any of them.

As Perry relayed the end of his campaign, he did so with a parting compliment to the remaining members of the large GOP candidate field.

“We have a tremendous field—the best in a generation—so I step aside knowing our party is in good hands,” Perry said at a conservative conference in St. Louis.

Mike Huckabee followed Perry on stage at the same conference and weighed-in on his exit from the race.

“The only thing harder than to get into a race for something like president, is to make the decision to get out of the race,” said Huckabee

Sen. Rand Paul wasted no time in using Perry’s leaving to poke a stick at the entire republican party and Donald Trump at the same time:

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