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Former Eagles front-man sings about Donald Trump [video]

Former Eagles singer and songwriter Don Henley used his appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Monday night to give some character advice to Donald Trump .. in a song.

Henley performed his new song “Too Much Pride” but with some personalization in the lyrics for the billionaire, celebrity, real-estate magnate and presidential hopeful.

Henley crooned, “You don’t have to be right, Donald, all the time. You can’t go on with all these axes to grind. So why don’t you lighten up and let it ride. Too much pride.” And, “Now listen Mr. Trump, empires rise, and empires fall, you stick around here long enough you’ll see it all. Now it looks like it’s gone nationwide, too much pride.”

Henley has created attack lyrics against Republicans before. In 1989, he made an obvious reference to President Ronald Reagan as “this tired old man that we elected king” in the song “The End of the Innocence.”

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