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Rick Perry responds to Trumps criticism of him [video]

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry released a video response to Presidential Candidate Donald Trump‘s criticism of his actions on border security and immigration.

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  1. Perry is just another polished republican – the kind that talks the Talk. While he may have done the things he said he did, it became abundantly clear in this video that (like the rest of the phony conservatives who will get elected and then find the flimsiest excuses NOT to keep their promises) Rick Perry doesn’t respond to what Trump ACTUALLY said about illegal Mexican border criminals (they are all criminals for violating our border); Perry is mimicking the same MSM lies about Trump who has SPOKEN the plain truth! He threatens their posh, cushy little apple cart!

  2. Like most Texans, I have strong feelings towards Perry. As a matter of fact, in his last run for governor I worked on his opponents campaign even though I’m not a Libertarian. There is little doubt that Perry has been running for President since 2012. and that accounts for his attention to the Borders, previously the only time the ‘subject’ came up was in photo opts during campaigns. His last term found him gathering frequent flyer miles on jaunts to Hollywood. Now he’s completed the acting course and changed his physical appearance and it is an improvement…but you know what? He’s still the same Rick Perry with a polish job.

    Before anyone gets upset…keep in mind…this is my opinion and I know many disagree

    My opinion is important, so is yours.
    Even with differences, we can make
    good traveling companions on our road
    to a shared destination…..After all, we are both
    Americans and want the best for OUR COUNTRY