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Planned Parenthood goes into Crisis mode over recent videos

PlannedParenthoodLogo1After several misguided attempts to explain away recent videos incriminating the abortion provider, Planned Parenthood is turning to experts in the crisis-explaining business to help provide some cover.

Planned Parenthood has hired SKDKnickerbocker, the high-profile crisis-management PR firm that has worked on everything from Gay rights and gun control to pregnancy discrimination. The firm was hired in the wake of a third video which alleges the abortion provider supplies aborted baby body parts and is compensated for doing so.

Planned Parenthood is attempting to slow the public outcry that has lead to many high-profile companies refuting or pulling supposed sponsorships and congress considering the withdrawal of public funding for their operations.

Public sentiment is turning against the abortion centers and SKDKnickerbocker is no stranger to high-profile work.

SKDKnickerbocker is lead by powerful Democrat operatives such as Anita Dunn and Hilary Rosen. Some of their most recent clients include Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg and Christine Quinn.

Planned Parenthood had spent the last few weeks unsuccessfully attempting to divert public scrutiny by claiming that the videos had been deceptively edited.

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