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Obama: Adding hostages to negotiation would have been ‘complicated’

th_Obama-angry-snearing-re-DirtyTricksAt a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, the President said that the release of American hostages was not entered into the nuclear negotiations because it would have complicated the process.

CBS News’ Major Garrett asked the President why the release of American hostages had not been part of the agreement between the western nations and Iran. After angrily admonishing Garrett for the wording of his question, Obama responded that adding in another component would have complicated the deal.

Iran didn’t have the same concerns.

Iran threw conventional weapon and ICBM missile restrictions into the mix at the last minute. They weren’t supposed to be on the table.

Iran refused anytime, anywhere inspections which were supposed to be a red line in the talks.

Those items apparently didn’t complicate the deal because the the U.N. Permanent Members and Germany, under Obama’s leadership, had no trouble capitulating to non-nuclear items presented by Iran.

Making sure the United States’ interests are looked after in negotiations with hostile nations should be foremost in our leaders minds. But according to our commander-in-chief, those are just complications.

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  1. Let’s not forget the ‘complications’ being endured by these hostages and their families….it’s transparently clear that ‘caring’ about America and Americans isn’t in his DNA. In his personal ‘search for identity’ he has shown “Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead”….and I have the pen! and I say “Spot be gone” (the sooner the better)