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Obamatrade Passes House, Headed to Senate

KingObamaTrade Promotion Authority (TPA) has passed the House of Representatives bolstering President Obama’s push to make a landmark trade deal a lasting legacy for his troubled presidency.

The measure passed on a close 218-208 vote with moderate Democrats and Republicans coming together to push it through.

The bill grants Obama so-called “fast-track” authority which allows him to negotiate trade agreements. It forces congress into a simply yes or no vote on the President’s agreed-to trade deal without members having the ability to offer amendments.

The major concern has been over upcoming trade negotiations on the Trans-Pacific-Partnership and Trade in Services Agreements which are being kept secret and only through Wikileaks leaked portions have we seen that a large portion of both have nothing to do with trade.

The vote in the Senate is a foregone conclusion and the President will be free to accept trade agreements without oversight or cooperation from the representatives of the people.

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