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How Hillary’s Cribs and Campus Reform Got to Millennials [Video]

Millennials have proven immune to negative news about Hillary Clinton. They were all in – no matter what she did until…

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform brought out his “Candidate’s Cribs” game board and invited young people to play. On the board were four mansions:

The Embassy Estate – $5,700,000
The Countryside Castle – $1,700,000
The Hampton Hideaway – $11,000,000
The Beachside Bungalo – $13,000,000

The players were then asked to place name tags next to the home(s) they believe a candidate has lived in. The list of well-to-doers included Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Martin O’Malley and Jeb Bush.

Watch the video to see how Cabot’s work might just change a few minds.

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