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Domestic U.S. Military Bases Heighten Security Amid ISIS Threat

Admiral William Gortney signed the order to increase all U.S. Military bases in North America to Force Protection Bravo on Thursday night.

A spokesman for the U.S. Northern Command told reporters that the command is “doing this as a prudent measure due to a lot of things in the news lately.” The spokesman explained that no specific threat has caused the increased security measures but, “recent events have led us to recognize the need to take prudent steps to ensure that our security measures can be increased quickly.”


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  1. Golly, just imagine how bad it would be if Obama’s policy hadn’t been so successful when the little boy who would be king told us ‘they’re on the run’

    Actually, I think this is wayyy overdue. But then I’m one of those gun totin’ people that also thinks it was sheer stupidity to reduce our military (if) you want this Country safe.

    Seeing all the threats and vulnerability we find ourselves in….this might be a good time to get serious and informed on the ‘barter service’