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China Warns Clinton About Campaign

Secretary_Clinton_with_China's_Foreign_Minister_YangChina isn’t happy just controlling the speech of its own people, now the government-controlled media is telling Hillary to keep quiet when it comes to China.

Two Chinese Communist Party-controlled newspapers published an indirect warning to Hillary Clinton not to criticize China during her campaign for president.



“Clinton should keep in mind a warning from Henry Paulson,” the article states. “When asked … what he’d like to hear the presidential candidates say about China, the former U.S. treasury secretary quipped: ‘I’d like them to say as little as possible.’”

Between speeches that Bill Clinton gave in China or to Chinese-funded U.S. groups and the money that the Clinton Foundation received from Chinese interests, the Clintons et al raked in upwards of $3.4million. Whether or not that buys the silence of the presumptive Democrat nominee or not is yet to be seen.

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  1. Clinton suffers from ‘hoof in mouth’ disease. Perhaps if she intends to be crowned…this might actually be good advise…It sounds like, even. as far away as China is….her afflictions are known. Like most, I could write a book on her ‘transgressions’ against our Country which would only be an echo. I am hoping, praying that the (few) real Democrats we once knew, will, stand up and ‘do the right thing’ and that the tag GOP groups will realize that perfection is not possible and when it floods. a sandbag won’t stop the water, but will slow it down and keep us from drowning.