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Obama’s Lies About Muslims Building the Very Fabric of Our Nation

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  1. The disease can’t be treated until it’s identified.

    The democrat party’s ideology is progressivism which is nothing more than a modern iteration of Marxism.

    Marxism/progressivism are bankrupt ideologies built on the Lie. The Lie can only be propagated by lies. Marxists/progressives/democrats can’t tell the truth because it will be the undoing of their beliefs and agenda.

    Look at how the MSM doesn’t reveal Dear Leader’s (and the Democrats’)lies, and thus assists in their agenda to destroy the truth. Tell the truth about the deception (and the deceivers) and they will attack you in order to protect The Lie.

    America will continue to slide into decay until those who perpetuate The Lie are exposed by the truth of who they are, what they believe and what their goals are.

  2. It’s hard to understand why people get so upset over Obama’s speeches, we would be hard pressed to find a speech that wasn’t all lies. Slick Willie was and still is a pathological liar, even convicted of perjury but he cannot hold a candle to Obama. We complain about Obama golfing and vacationing but the bright side of that is while doing those things he is not lying to us. There is not a lick of truth in this whole administration, so I quit listening to all of them. Their actions are enough to gag a maggot.