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Obama Says It’s Not His Responsibility???

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  1. As I read this, two days after it was written, and well into a bombing campaign against ISIS, I have to wonder just how out of touch you are with reality. Your first point, that terrorists never had it so good…Obama has killed way more terrorists than the previous administration. The previous administration was so anxious to kill a bunch of brown people, they went and invaded a country that did not have a strong terrorist base. Additionally, one of the main reasons that the U.S. military left Iraq when it did was that it was living up to an agreement made by…GWB! Is that nugget anywhere in your tirade? I couldn’t find it. There was talk of an extension, but Bush’s hand picked prime minister of Iraq would not guarantee that U.S. troops would be immune from prosecution. It was time to go.
    By the way, the president is not Muslim. You are an idiot, but the president is not Muslim. Normally, Jim, when someone complains about the president being a Muslim, I sort of know that their hairstyle is confined to whatever helps the tinfoil hat stay on while watching the skies for black helicopters. But, today I’m bored and you get to know how contemptible a human being I think you are.
    Oh, and while waging two wars himself, President Bush spent three days on vacation for every one of President Obama’s. Facts…
    Speaking of vacation, you should check out what Reagan had to say when his vacation was interrupted when Korean flight 007 was shot down by the Soviets killing a U.S. congressman. It is in his published diaries, and not really filled with the sense of duty one would expect from someone whom the right has beatified.

  2. I’m really not sure what all the excitement is about. So the President is taking a vacation. He’s on a golf course. There is a 19th hole (bar) so I am quite sure he can periodically get all the latest news on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the Ukraine via his favorite source: CNN

  3. Good Job, Jim! The sad (& dangrous) part is, I think, is that he actually believes it isn’t. He went into office with the vision of a child playing ‘super hero’ where everything gets fixed and the world is whole and safe….the danger is that he’s tired of playing the part and let’s ‘the real bad guys’ do the work. If only he could get rid of the noise of disagreement those nasty wascly wepublicans make….Seriously, I am concerned that his damaged ego and mental state could open up a can of worms that would really. throw us in chaos. He seems to be on the edge of a meltdown. He still has those in the ‘circle’ that need him and a few hangers on that are consumed with adoration, but the tide is turning. I’m just not convinced he can handle it.