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3 thoughts on “Governor Christie, Take A Hike

  1. Jan Brown

    Christie is a ‘longshoreman’ personality that speaks right up, unafraid & without hesitation. I think most of us wish we ‘tell people off’ that way…& sounds tough doing it! This was quite refreshing & many of us said WOW & gave him a pass on his “Obama chumminess”. Over the last few years his glow has dimmed for most of us that that have taken a closer look. I couldn’t believe he was elected to president of Governor’. (Hmm same route as Perry sans make over) When it’s so vital that the Liberal Administration must be removed I don’t see how a true Republican could work against another. I agree….we don’t need a bull in our china shop or White House.

    I’m in Texas so don’t know your candidate but with the endorsements you named he sounds like what we need.

    1. chris vaca

      Jan, There are a few good people out there for 2016, your Governor being one of them.

      1. Jan Brown

        It’s true that Perry has ‘some’ redeeming qualities and although I worked on his opponents campaign, I admit he’s done an ok job. I do, however, question ‘why’ the only time he’s seen or heard from on “Border Issues” is when he’s in an election mode. These past couple of years he has been what one could call ‘an absentee governor’ due to regular frequent trips to California, DC/NY and apparent ‘make over’…the glasses and loss of his Texas drawl are the most noticeable. At least in West Texas, the only time he’s seen or heard from in on a National TV show. For the last 6 years there have been bill after bill regarding the control of our border ‘languishing’ in committee (Reid style) that can’t get to the floor for A vote…this is either a lack of real interest or leadership…..Then there’s that little old thing of the missing money from the Highway Transportation fund, and the fact that he “pushed” the free tuition bill for ‘migrants’
        From an economic view, we have done quite well. I’m not sure what you think about the Bildiberg * organization, but he is accepted by them as an ‘expert’ in finance and on ’07 he made a trip to Europe as their guest. (Texans didn’t have a clue until a reporter told the Dallas Star —long after he returned

        I’m not convinced that he has ‘what it takes’ to lead a Country and will look just as closely at other potential candidates…While I don’t expect that any will ‘walk on water’ I do expect them to keep their head above it & tread water if need be.

        We’re in for a ride !!!

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