#furgeson Michael Brown shown in video as thief and assailant

By | August 15, 2014

It turns out that Furgeson, Missouri martyr Michael Brown is less the hero and more the perpetrator as police reports, witness accounts and images show “Big Mike” Brown to be a thug, bully and if nothing else, a criminal.

The following police report shows that Brown and an associate “Johnson” were involved in stealing from a convenience store during which the media darling and proposed civil rights martyr assaults the shop owner on camera.

Michael Brown attacks store clerk


Here’s the complete shoplifting camera video footage from the store showing Brown and friends accosting the store owner in order to steal a few cheap cigars. Trivial to Michael Brown, but inventory that would be key to revenue for the poor shop owner.

It would seem that the Black Panthers, NAACP, Al Sharpton and others have once again chosen their political agendas over what is good and right for our nation. It’s no wonder that many inside the community are speaking out against their ridiculous approach to fixing the issues of our day.

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3 thoughts on “#furgeson Michael Brown shown in video as thief and assailant

  1. Rocky


    This “unarmed” teenager was in fact someone who attacked the officer and inflicked a good deal of damage before he was shot by the officer. Put yourself in the officer’s place for once. This perpetrator was a very large person and out weighed the officer by a hundred pounds and was half his age. As the officer was being pounded on do you think maybe he was concerned that Brown was trying to beat him to death? The officer was fully in his rights to shoot this guy and could have done so in the car if he could have gotten his gun out. Brown after beating on him got out of the car and then turn and came back at the officer again. I would have definitely shot him as well. You aren’t looking at the facts. You are looking at it through your racial prism. Hopefully justice will prevail inspite of Eric Holder, Al and Jesse, Black Panthers…etc

  2. Jon

    The police chief said that there was no way that the officer that gunned down an unarmed teenager could have known he was a suspect in that robbery. Nice try.

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