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Atheists Now Run Our Country

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  1. You need to read the constitution…specifically the first amendment (establishment clause). There is a very good reason why this exists – to treat ALL citizens fairly, regardless of religion (or lack of). The reason why these atheist group take actions like this is because the things they are complaining about are ILLEGAL. No one is telling you about what to do about religion in your home, or at church…but when it is on state owned property, it is against the law!

    • Sorry David, You need to know the difference between FROM & OF

      • It’s not a question of FROM & OF. If the Navy is putting bibles in their lodges, then public money is going towards an established religion. How would you feel if the Navy were putting a Quran in the rooms? Christianity is still very much the dominant religion in this country, but that does not mean the government has to pay to celebrate it.

        • Abraham Lincoln said we will never be defeated as a country, but we will destroy ourselves from within, I believe that is happening now our society and our culture are falling apart. one of the main reasons is God is being taken out of the main stream. I truly believe that. As I say in all my articles, this is one man’s opinion