Obama’s Man-Made Disaster – Our Southern Border Invasion

By | July 19, 2014

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s Man-Made Disaster – Our Southern Border Invasion

  1. Seipherd

    The Big O is anything but competent enough to dream up and implement politically legalized kidnapping from other countries.

    It’s more likely that he’s a hapless dupe in this scheme. The schemers behind the scenes are just fine with remaining out of the limelight so they can live to scheme another day as their scheme blows up on Obama and his sheeple followers.

    Let it not go unmentioned that the PRESSSSident (MSM media) is also happy with leaving things this way. They have no interest in exposing who the schemers are, many of them may be part of or are closely related to the PRESSSSident.

  2. Jan Brown

    Rick, THANK YOU, this is just the type of information that needs to get out. I live about 1/2 mile from one of the many corridors used by these ‘criminal trespassers’ and have seen a marked increase of traffic. The influx of the children seem to serve as a distraction to shield ‘other’ activities. It’s sad and I do feel for these little ones, but when I ask myself, ‘which is more important….our children or theirs’ I know they must be returned. Aside from tje
    human’ factor, this will help to crush our economy and we won’t be able to help anyone, including ourselves….”The medicine may taste bad, but we need to take it to have a cure”

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