Migrant Children – Pawns in an Insidious “Game”

By | July 8, 2014

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2 thoughts on “Migrant Children – Pawns in an Insidious “Game”

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  2. Jan Brown

    The fact that we even have to think of this is tragic almost beyond belief. Yet, here it is…just imagining the fear that those precious children must feel hurts. These children are more than pawns….they are human shields… much as Hamas is using the innocent Palestinians told to lie on roof tops. While 70% of our Border defense is occupied with their care, large numbers of the ‘enemy’, many intent on our destruction, are coming in to join radicals already here.

    Obama visited Pres. Nieto of Mexico the 1st July. He reportedly promised Nieto military help on Mexico’s Southern Border. On July 7th, Nieto & President of Guatemala signed an agreement (Southern Border Program) to issue “Regional Visitor’s Cards” to all entering Mexico that gives safe passage to the Texas Rio Grande border region, with rest stops & 1st aid stations along the way……hmmmm ?

    Our compassion for these children cannot be denied, nor can the LAW. Should we choose others over our own?…..There are, indeed, times when the cure is worse than illness…this is a very bitter pill we ‘must’ swallow to retain our status as an exceptional sovereign nation…Let us remember Pearl Harbor Dec 7th & let not those that died then & since not to have died in vain.

    Pray for wisdom and the courage we surely need.

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