How Smartphones are Dumbing Down Our Society

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  • I find such widespread smartphone addiction hard to comprehend. I don’t even want a smartphone or tablet. I find them too awkward to use, and inherently too insecure for things requiring username-password authentication, at least over public wi-fi. I value security over convenience, but it seems that for the vast majority it’s the other way around.

  • BOING !!! You hit the bulls eye of my pet peeve! Just this week I’d gone to lunch with a friend that I hadn’t seen for awhile. She got 2 calls and ‘chatted’ with both callers for probably a combined 30 minutes while I sat & made circles with my fork in my mashed potatoes.
    I told her that ‘maybe we could visit another time when she wasn’t so busy’ She told me I hurt her feelings…I asked how she thought I felt. Now, we’ll no doubt go to lunch again soon, but what if one of us dies first, it’d be a treasured time of sharing is lost forever. Besides, downright RUDE!