Being Prepared for Disaster

By | July 13, 2014

Prepping… while it has received a bashing due to ill-conceived “reality” shows and negative news events is absolutely sane, responsible and a priority.

Preparing isn’t just about some mythical zombie apocalypse. It’s about that next tornado, winter storm, flood, or terrorist event.

There are many different considerations in surviving these events and realizing what is needed and in what order could mean the difference between life and death:

In an emergency – there are things that are more important and those that aren’t as important. Here’s a prioritized list:
First Aid – emergencies happen without warning, someone WILL get hurt
Communication – cell towers and utilities are usually compromised in an emergency. Comms might mean life or death
Water – once everyone is treated for injury and communication established, water is the most-important resource – 3 days without water can kill
– Shelter – protect yourself from the elements – a poncho, tent or lean-to can mean the difference between surviving and not
Defense – if you have the means to survive, others who do not will try to take those means from you – if you fail to defend your provisions, you WILL lose them
Food – the average human can go a few weeks without food. Make sure you don’t have to!

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One thought on “Being Prepared for Disaster

  1. Jan Brown

    “Great minds run in the same channel” Well, perhaps it’s better said, Aware minds with an eye to the future’….I’ve been working on “Duct Tape & Rice Water..a conversation to survive”…with all the turbulence swirling, I decided to release some of the ideas now via contact list. (don’t have yours) Even when Mother Nature’s wrath hits we can not rely on ‘our government’ and it should be a ‘personal responsibility’. These are strange times to the United States. And I am concerned that far too much apathy and acceptance has set in…our readership is an example that many (good) people are weary.

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