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3 thoughts on “Only Obama Staffers Believe IRS ‘Lost’ Email

    1. Jan Brown

      Hmmm you may have a point….or perhaps it’s their LACK of character being hidden?

  1. Jan Brown

    Of course the staffers don’t think ‘the’ email was lost! After all, Obie said it’s a ‘phony scandal” without a smidgen of wrong doing…and we know they can’t think for themselves and they are programmed at the Alinskiy factory before being shipped to the White House….

    Koskinen’s conformation included Republicans & some now flabbergasted ‘old friends’ apparently lying in his answers and now feels his pompous butt is free & clear on this.

    Taking what we know about Obama dastardly deeds and the possibility of ‘removing’ him….I wonder if more focus should (could) be on removing the big rock (Holder)out of the way???

    Go ahead call me racist…just make sure to make that an AMERICAN racist…aka A momma berar defending her Constituion

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