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8 thoughts on “Obama Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ass

  1. Jan Brown

    Hey ! Chris!…Remember that dorky kid from school. You know the one with high water pants & pocket protector. We all pretty much ignored him & apparently his parents did too. He was rather strange. But, man O man, He sure liked to act or say outrageous things. He’d do about anything to draw attention to himself. I recall one day he stood on the teachers desk and mocked her, throwing in some pretty vulgar moves…Guess he never changed,. His body grew up, but seems his mind didn’t. I heard he lives in Roswell and spends the day looking for alien space remnants…kinda sad, don’t ya think?

  2. Sarthurk

    I suggest you all pull your own heads out of your asses. Obama is not stupid. The voter gave him permission TWICE to fundamentally transform this country. The problem is that you voters didn’t realise he is a muzlim sympathizer, a communist, a tyrannical, liberal law breaker, with no job experience other than screwing things up. I knew this in 2007. One lie is met by another, and another, and it won’t end until he is stopped, or runs out of office. He better run and hide too. People are not going to be happy.

    Do your homework the next time you vote for a president. Start with Killary. Look into how many people acquainted to the “Cluntins” have mysteriously died or committed suicide. Find out why she was booted from the “Watergate” investigations for being a liar, and failing to follow and undermine Constitutional law. Ask why she lied to protect a child rapist in 1975. But wait, what difference does it make?

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      Who the fuck do you think you are when you say “YOU” voted for him I didn’t and millions of otheres did not as well

      1. Sarthurk

        Sorry if YOU feel in offense of this. Those of you who didn’t vote for the asshole are probably comfortable (and understanding)with the fact that I’m not talking about them. You got a problem with that?

        Don’t bother replying. We’re done here with you.

        1. Chris Vaca Post author

          Yea, I got a problem with that.

  3. Jan Brown

    I’ve long figured ‘where’ it was, just didn’t realize that the entire country would also fit….at least I think that’s what I smell…Your eloquent opinion brings to mind that picture of the man looking up at the bird about to ‘drop’ on his head and he tells the bird “go ahead…everybody else does”..? That ain’t no bird, it’s Obamaman and we’re the man.

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      Jan, as always, you hit the nail on the head

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