Obama Illegally Shutting Down Businesses with Operation Choke Point

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  • Rick, you’ve certainly laid this out in a way that can be understood by most..and a way we cab take it to the ‘less informed’….I also agree with L.E.’s assessment. That would seem to make it imperative that each individual would need/want to make a plan to combat it. Then we can take it to those that share our thinking & en masse attack, ‘doing unto the far far left before hey do to us’…We have two choices. We can sit on the sideline & watch or we can stand to be counted.

  • Thomas Jefferson said it best, “When injustice become law, then rebellion becomes duty.” Our Legislative and Judicial Branches are allowing this to happen, that leads me to believe that they are as corrupt as this Executive Branch is.

  • After reading this article, go to your dictionary and read the definition of “fascism”.