No Borders, No Rules = Dictatorship!

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  • It’s up to the border States to secure their own international border by any means necessary. Traditionally lethal force has the best results.Shoot ten and a thousand won’t try to cross illegally. Round up a thousand illegally here and execute them and millions would leave on their own. Too Harsh? Ask yourself how does China, Russia, North Korea and Iran keep illegals out? Since electing Obama we to are a socialist country might as well act like one.

  • Just what do we have to do to get this azwipe to do his constitutional duties? Hang him for treason? Line him and his White house Cartel in front of a firing squad? As much as it’s his fault things are so bad in America. I trend to blame both houses of Congress for allowing it to happen. Let’s just hang all of them and start over, after voter ID’s are required and minimum intelligence requirements are set for those who want to vote. Since no where in the Constitution is voting a right just a privilege.

  • Earlier today I listened to a ‘petulant’ & arrogant campaign style speech from POTUS. He said,again, more than once that he doesn’t want to make decisions on immigration reform & again blamed Congress ‘forcing’ him to use that damn pen. Well golly gee…why not just enforce the Constitutional laws already in place?

    I’ve spent the last decade researching
    numerous recognized sources speaking & writing on this subject and it boils down to 2 things….Enforcement and SECURED BorderS….

    We all “protect’ our homes with walls, fences & locked doors…With our very sovereignty at stake why are there those so reluctant so secure our homeland?

    In 2009 the USA supplied 63% of the Mexican economy, there are well over a hundred violent crimes committed on American Citizens EVERY DAY by these criminal trespassers Over 12 Billion dollars are sent back to home countries of illegal workers. There are over 450 American owned companies doing business IN Mexico.

    What happens to the coffee if the sides of the cup melt away?….this is what the invasion of our borders is doing to our Country.

    Let’s all keep Sgt Tahmoorsi in our prayers. For those that may not know, he is being held in a Mexican jail for ‘accidently’ crossing into Mexico where he asked how to return to States after declaring (unasked) that he had firearms in his camper….guess that’s worse than the Mexican Military helicopter firing on Border Patrol on OUR side.