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Is the American Rebellion about to Begin – Gov. Bobby Jindal thinks so

Speaking at a Conference hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal expressed his belief that Americans were on the verge of a “hostile takeover of Washington.”

Bobby Jindal and ArmyGov. Jindal said that he “could sense right now a rebellion brewing amongst these United States where people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C., to preserve the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.” Many Americans do share the Governor’s frustrations, but is a hostile takeover in the works?

Anti-second amendment efforts have been escalating rapidly over the last few years even though school shooting deaths have actually declined. Are elitists like Harry Reid, Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi and their special interest groups afraid of losing power? Safety isn’t their real concern as even anti-gun activists have admitted that none of their proposals would do anything to have prevented tragedies like Newtown. What could Nancy and Harry be so concerned about?

What reasons, besides the attempted gun grab, could Americans have for considering outright revolution?

  • President Obama’s healthcare initiative is costing more and providing fewer benefits than promised.
  • The EPA is pushing oppressive regulations on ponds and ditches that many worry will be used to put private property under the control of the Federal Government
  • America’s police departments are becoming more militaristic by the day
  • America is facing an epic immigration crisis due to the federal government’s failure to secure the border
  • Americans no longer trust their government after Benghazi (remember the video that wasn’t really the cause?), the IRS scandal (and now multiple lost hard drives containing evidence)
  • The administration has stymied the economic recovery with ideological plans that prevent an actual recovery – SIX years later!
  • The end of the Iraq war as orchestrated by the President.. and is failing
  • The President’s Syrian solution … wasn’t
  • Libya is a disaster after Obama’s mishandling of it
  • A new cold war is on the horizon with Russia (how’s that reset button working?)
  • Russia and the Chinese are working to cut the U.S. Dollar out as the world’s reserve currency. Our president has nothing to say on the matter.
  • The Senate, under Harry Reid’s leadership has accomplished nothing – as Sen. Reid appears to like it
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and much, much more.

So the question isn’t really whether there are enough things that might motivate Americans to take their country back – but rather, how much more can they take?

Even politicians have been pushed past their breaking points. The South Dakota Republican party recently passed a resolution demanding the impeachment of President Barack Obama and even Democrats are lining up to oppose the EPA water rules.

Washington is dysfunctional because the politicians are doing things that American citizens dislike and pushing policies that are hurting American families. The question remains as to whether or not the failures of our leaders is truly leading to a brewing rebellion.

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