Freedom of Speech on Democrat’s Chopping Block

By | June 7, 2014

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One thought on “Freedom of Speech on Democrat’s Chopping Block

  1. Jan Brown

    Amazing how the value goes up when we are threatened with the loss of something ‘taken for granted’.

    Recently a colleague of mine attended a conference in Heidelberg, Germany and told me of ‘story’ he had gotten in conversation from a German that had lived WWII….He asked my American friend, “Do you know how the Germans catch wild boar?”…Of course he didn’t, so the man explained it. …..”First they pick out an area that’s know to be rather populated by the boar, then the scatter corn all around. The pigs come & eat the corn…the hunters put out more corn and even more pigs gather to gobble it up. The hunters keep up this routine for awhile….then erect a tall fence on one side…soon the boars pay no attention to the fence and continue to eat…a short time later, they scatter more corn and put up another fence….they repeat this & now have 3 sides fenced now the pigs are dependent on the corn and rarely venture away from the fences…The hunter’s dump one last oversized load of corn in and that’s when the hunters slam the fourth & last side, with no gate, into place….at first the pigs seems a little upset and make noise, but soon go back to their corn….

    He goes on to my colleague to tell him, “Not all Germans were Nazis, but they were all dependent on the government in place.”…..His next question scared the dickens out of my friend…the German then asked, “IS THIS NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE UNITED STATES?”

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