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Federal Debt and A Bad Law (FATCA) May Collapse the Dollar

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  1. Jan Brown says:

    What financial acumen I may have tends to drop off sharply when the check book balances, yet,my head remains above water….perhaps because I KNOW I can’t spend what I don’t have or that I realize it takes
    P-L-A-N-I-N-G ahead…using God given Common Sense & setting priorities……It seems (to me) that these financial wizards either are not as
    smart as indicted or hellava salesmen…Congress, on the other hand are either too prideful to admit they haven’t a clue to ‘money speak’ or just shove it aside to attend to their “Personal” agendas. (which means they don’t give a flip about ‘us common citizens’

    Again to me, it would be more prudent for the IRS to use their wits to put the back taxes owed by our own Congress in our Country’s coffer & get our own house in order and work on corporate tax programs that make it favorable to bring Industry “HOME”…gosh, there’s a thought!

    In 2009 or 10, the Dept of Education alone, reportedly had SIXTY THREE offices DUPLICATING the same operations…And you can bet other departments are doing the same.

    Of course I can’t resist the ‘conspiracy’ angle. That of ‘this’ is a part of a plan to collapse the entire economy, along with the invasion on the borders, Bergdall trade and even pickles for breakfast,..

    It could be a little of all of these but that doesn’t eliminate that it is doomed to fail and plug in a downward spiral that may have to hit bottom before a recovery is in sight.

    This is my layman’s opinion, if those that disagree with it will just work out a solution that salvages our economy…go get it!..I don’t mind being wrong when it saves this grand nation of ours..