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Eric Cantor Picked the Wrong Base

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  1. I’m no fan of Cantor, but to vote against him because of his stance on amnesty is an admission of insanity. Cantor suggested a program that states if you are born in this country, maintain a 4.0 GPA, and serve in the military, you will be eligible for citizenship. I fail to see why anyone should be upset by that.

    • Michael Shannon


      That’s incorrect. The Supreme Court (wrongly) has already decided that anyone born in the US is automatically a citizen of the US.

      Cantor supported giving citizenship to children brought here by illegals, which flies in the face of legal practice (fruit of poisoned tree) that says relatives can’t benefit from the wrongdoing of the parents.

      Otherwise the children of the drug dealer would be able to keep the house and the Ferrari.

      BTW, who do you think is paying for the schools where they maintain the GPA? And do you think your kids could go to school for free in Mexico City?

  2. I think it was more than just generalized distaste for incumbents. Turnout was almost twice what it was in 2012.

    • The increased turnout rported is what prompted that remark. The voter’s got involved!!! They cared enough to help push the load and not watch while others did it for them. (for both candidates)…to me.. Low voter turnout indicates a lack of interest, lack of information or just laziness. I truly believe that elections are won or lost by turnout. I recently took this point & others in my comment when I addressed a Professional Women’s Group. I closed with “If you believe that God helps those that help themselves….get out the vote.”

  3. Michael, Believe you’re pretty well squared away with this and it’s more than feasible. Still, for the sake of discussion, I want to toss in a couple of other possible scenarios…..First, people are sick of ‘incumbents’, in particular “The Speaker”, voters in Virginia can’t get directly to him & this is next best thing…although some just didn’t like Cantor..period….While he appeared to be ‘disengaged’ & out of touch, I wonder if not some of the “blame’ for that goes on the shoulders of the voters???? Did they (regularly) knock on his door with their concerns and expectations or just figure the communication was entirely ‘his job’. When they took pride in his election as Majority Leader, didn’t they realize it would require more of his time & energy? Lastly, I ask, “Did Virginians fall into the pattern of many states and think his job was limited to providing federal ‘bounty’ to them…or consider that he was also responsible to act for the other 49 States betterment as well.?”

    Me? Well I’ve never been a huge fan and have found him lacking in any true effective efforts.

    While the Tea Parties have brought forth some excellent candidates, let’s not forget the ‘witch’ or the ‘space girl’…Let’s do a wee bit of checking on our own….

    Thanks, again, Michael, for stirring my cobwebs so the brain matter isn’t chocked.