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Dr. Ben Carson Takes 2nd Place in 2016 Presidential Straw Poll

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  1. We aren’t electing Ben Carson or anyone for that matter today, so let’s just keep watching and listening before we make any hard decisions.

    We really don’t know what Dr. Carson is capable of at this time, he may be very strong and forceful when confronting the enemy and it appears as though he has a record of surrounding himself with extremely competent people, and I would love to have someone in the office who really loves America and it’s traditional values, not a hater of this country and it’s traditional values.

    • You’re absolutely right, James. As I said, “Let’s not rush to judgement” These were meant to signal thoughts & questions we should (I think)consider in the vetting process. It is early, but talk of 2016 has started. We have some ‘new’ names plus some ‘re-runs’ already indicating an interest in the White House and I believe we might as well get started. It seems that Republicans aka Conservatives aka Libertarians aka Moderates all have their ‘ideal’ candidate and that makes it ll the more difficult to agree on just one…..and then back that majority choice so that we don’t repeat 2012 where so many seem to think it had to be ‘their’ man or they wouldn’t vote….we see how that worked out…

  2. Conservative Americans are nearing desperate in the quest for a ‘leader with conservative values’ that can ‘stand up’ & face off with Obama that Ben Carson has been latched onto as a messiah of sorts…He is NOT. He is brilliant and extremely qualified in the MEDICAL field. Yes, he was in charge of a ‘big business’, but of a single theme that required a bringing together a myrid of interest. He has no more ‘military’ planning than the current Commander. Yes, he loves this Country, but love alone does not a president make.

    Let’s not rush to judgement or waste Ben Carson’s true abilities by shoving him in to the White House.

    Does he carry himself or speak with a force that can stand toe to toe with an enemy.?

    • Richard Matthews

      And who has military experience of the front runners? You just appoint competent people. Cruz/Carson 2016. Make the bumper stickers now. We have to get behind a strong candidate early. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t listen to Rove or Romney.

      • Richard, it’s so encouraging to know others, like you, care enough to engage early. I hope others follow your lead and pay attention.

        Since this was a “Straw Poll” and no actual declared candidates I find it much too early to box myself in to a single individual. I mentioned the ‘military experience’ because I can see the results that no understanding of what is required when acting as Commander In Chief has wrought. Perhaps I was too vague.

        I’ve always found it more effective when telling someone what to do or not do, if ‘specific’ reasoning is included.

        I know Ted Cruz and worked on his campaign. In our meetings his intentions in 2016. I told him that “he is exactly where we need his brand of fire and fearlessness. Also, that I wasn’t so sure about a run for the Oval Office and might not be available (depending on the roster)” Since the party candidate is selected by the “majority” of voters, I will work for that candidate, even if not my choice…I believe we should vote for the benefit of the entire country…not just mine. This last go round went to Obama because of self indulgent attitudes. ie: “I don’t like Romney so I just won’t vote.period”…He wasn’t my choice either, but apparently I wasn’t part of the majority and the welfare of this God given Nation was at stake.

        If would be great if you listened to all candidates. Make your choice and ‘sell’ him like crazy to others. Who knows, this may turn out exactly like you want.

        I hope you can get others to be involved as much as you are. That’s we need. Thanks