U.N. Assistance requested for Detroit water bills: what it really means

By | June 24, 2014

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3 thoughts on “U.N. Assistance requested for Detroit water bills: what it really means

  1. lockie

    hmmm, such a well written article, good grammer unlike me, and excellent spelling ( perhaps the spell checker)

    but like a bad cocktail, the elements just don’t make sense, you call neccessities of life a privledge, while adimtting they are a neccesity, and you call consumerism a choice, yet you yourself do not empathize enough to validate that you yourself even see it as a choice, you parrot the old fiat theories and you in your first paragraph admit that you beleive in the heglian dialect of left and right. you will more than likely lump me with you version of socialism or worse, without perhaps considering the magnitude of the spinning coin in which you make your bet.


  2. Jan Brown

    The United States as a SOVEREIGNITY is a supreme and Independent government, free from outside interference.
    On the other hand, the UN is a group of countries that many are notorious for inhumane treatment and potable water and food are a luxury….Hillary Clinton gave a ‘list’ of inhumane activities ‘she’ thought we (USA) were guilty of to the UN. NO doubt for the same reason she said ‘we were dead broke’ in an attempt to be noticed & popular.

    The “Control Center” running the
    City were elected by all of the dependents filling up the ‘entitlement’ wagon. Yet rather than jumping off the wagon and help push they are still expecting someone to come in and do the work for them…

    If the UN gets a toe hold here or anywhere in OUR Country….we might as well drop plane loads of rattlesnakes and hope we don’t get bitten. The residents of Detroit & cities across the country seem to be ignoring the sound of the politicians rattle.

  3. cuchieddie

    Those idiots don’t need anything but a one way tugboat trip to Liberia.

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