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3 thoughts on “Creating Democrats One Squirrel at a Time

  1. Michael R Shannon


    Birds? That’s very difficult. Getting them to line up for a feeder is easy. But getting them to approach you and eat is a real accomplishment.

    Our birds are too flighty (no pun intended).

    1. Jan Brown

      Most will sit on branches or gather on the ground about 6-7 feet out & one or 2 at a time come to where we put ‘food’ on ground about afoot away. The quail are the most entertaining, the male & female bring their babies up a little closer and the mom & dad take turns coming up to seeds ..and taking it back to the babies…rabbits are getting pretty tamed this year also & don’t approach, but don’t skitter away until we’re almost on them…..unless the dog barks. It take more consentration & is chaper than golf.

  2. Jan Brown

    can you believe it !!! We got our birds the same way!!
    This was a great break…thanks

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