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5 thoughts on “We Need Integrity Back In This Country

  1. Jan Brown

    First of all, I doubt that Obama even knows what a thimble is….nor what finger it goes on…Integrity, on the other hand, is learned from nurturing or reading more than a teleprompter…Both are lacking. And from the way Congress acts…Obama is contagious.

    We ‘re sitting on a time bomb…To snip the right wire it is imperative that every GOP voter (support) the candidate that is selected by the MAJORITY of the party & not cling to their ‘ideal’ choice It’s going to take all of us to pull this wagon before the bomb detonates.

    To lighten the mood…according to Jay Leno “It’s not looking good for his teleprompter took the fifth”…….”The White House scandals aren’t going away anytime soom. It’s gotten so bad that people in Kenya are saying he’s 100% American””

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      Jan, I have said many times, the reason why Obama won in 2012 was because of the people who stayed home because they didn’t think Romney was Conservative enough, those are the people I blame. We have to support who ever wins the nomination, if another Liberal gets in, you can ring the doomsday bell.
      Leno will be missed, those were good.

  2. jerryt

    A corrupt President is not the problem? Is that the same as saying to the man next to you when flying in a 747 at thirty thousand feet, that even though the pilot can’t fly its not the problem. Its the fools that put him there to begin with that’s our real issue. You see they have no basic facts about flying, its history or how good the airline needs exceptional flying skills for its pilots. But we’ll be just fine when they put our situation of an inevitable disaster on the ground. Obama is not a symptom he is a product of corrupt people with an agenda. If you enjoy that inevitability then I feel sad for your position. Bent over!

  3. Curt

    A corrupt President is not the problem. An electorate with a majority lacking character and moral commitment have put a man in office that truly reflects their values. Obama is a symptom of the problem and certainly not the cause. He’s a man elected to office for the color of his skin and not the content of his character. The current generation, including mine, have no strong patriotic connection to American exceptionalism or even have a small understanding of the most basic American history. The disaster that lies ahead will come slowly and painfully, but it will come.

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      I agree Curt, the clock is definitely ticking

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