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One thought on “Liberal Policies Are Great, But In Theory Only

  1. Jan Brown

    Liberals, Progressives & Statist are no more than fringes of the wildly fanatical ideals of the Communist doctrine…and totally unworkable…..To uphold our land as one of a sovereign democracy and world leader, WE the people must put ‘common sense’ in the driver’s seat with the volume turned up full blast. WE must realize that being (or accepting) ‘political correctness’ is Not a replacement for PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY….

    Big Government…Where does it stop?…It stops with YOU and EVERY American…I ‘can’t’ do anything is something I hear consistently. It should be “What CAN I do?”

    If this continues, will the next step be to hop in your bed & eat your crackers? Hey,…just askin’. After all, they’ve made it into your kitchen….

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