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2 thoughts on “If You Like The VA, You’ll Love Obama-Care

  1. Jerry T

    GOP, GOP, GOP WTF the Demoncrats….Its all of them. The VA is my primary care and when you do get past the Horse shit the care is good. The Doctors do care and the nurses care but everything up until then is I don’t care. Eight in ten workers are union and they protect their world very well indeed. Walk into the Jacksonville VA and you will see that the majority of the people who serve you initially don’t like you one damn bit. You are imposing on them by being there. Miami is not much better, at that facility you may even think you are in another country. It is sort of like a form of nepotism with one big happy family but worse. Its the f%^k*ng Adams Family.

  2. Seipherd

    The GOP shouldn’t get too excited about the VA’s problems. The GOP politicians generally are all fine and dandy with big gubermint programs like the VA. Like the OCrats, the GOP LOSERship is just fine tossing a few taxpayer bucks at the VA around election times, related to how many Vet votes that taxpayer money might buy, pretty much leaving the VAs systemic socialist healthcare to rot away…

    Folks, the GOP Establishment has a very poor history of understanding anything of significance about how to design and promote vibrant and dynamic private sector social marketplaces for healthcare or the VA healthcare or education or pretty much anything.

    The GOP LOSERship has had plenty of opportunities to offer private sector options to VA healthcare that could allow vets the CHOICE to opt out of the VA. Hasn’t happened. Contemporary GOP vision doesn’t seem to include marketplace CHOICE… You’d think they ought to be able to find some way to leverage a crony deal in that direction…

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